Hi I am Matt, a Fife-based Photographer who focuses on Photographing people.
I run The Original St Andrews Photoshoot Tour and The Original Dundee Photoshoot Tour, unique photoshoot tours capturing moments of tourists and locals at famous landmarks within the two major destinations in North East Fife and Tayside. I am looking to launch three new services in 2023 - Weddings, Couples and Boudoir. I have my first Wedding shoot booked for July 2023, and will be open to taking on additional bookings. Couples shoots can take the form of the Original Photoshoot Tours, in your special place as a couple, and can be added on to a wedding package. I also want to shoot Boudoir, which could also be added on to a Couples or Wedding shoot too. I am passionate about photographing people, showing them their own beauty, capturing emotions and moments, whether on location or in the studio.
Prior to 2022 much of my experience was based in sports photography, shooting over 20 golf events as well as several football and rugby matches. Since 2013 I have run SHANK Media, a platform which focuses on golf both locally and nationally, more can be found at shankmedia.co.uk. Through SHANK Media I have been accredited to several significant golf events including 9 editions of the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, 3 editions of the AIG Women's Open and the 2019 Solheim Cup among other events. In 2021-22 I focused on Football photography, being accredited to 3 Arbroath FC matches, plus matches at Swindon Town FC and Dundee FC. 
I am originally from Devizes, Wiltshire in the South West of England, and I have lived in Fife since 2011. In 2020 I enrolled at Dundee and Angus College to broaden my knowledge of and skills in Photography, and in June 2022 I achieved an A in the HND Photography, I have also been awarded The Photography Prize by the college.
Era Dubey (Model)
"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Matt, an incredibly talented and professional photographer, for the second time.
What truly sets Matt apart, though, is his innate ability to blend work with entertainment. He has a knack for making the shoot lively and enjoyable, which I believe is a reflection of his passion for his photography and it also helped me to relax and naturally engage with the camera.
His efficiency and professionalism were evident in every aspect of our photoshoot session. His dedication to photography and commitment to delivering high-quality results were truly impressive.
I would highly recommend Matt to anyone in need of a professional photographer. His blend of technical skill, creativity, and vibrant personality make for a truly unique and enjoyable photography experience. I am already looking forward to our next shoot and the opportunity to collaborate with him again."

Tommy Izatt (Groom at first wedding shot by myself)
"Absolutely amazing photos matt I would recommend Matt for any event people may have he really does make it so special and his attention to detail is amazing when it comes to getting my photo taken I hate it but with Matt he makes you feel so relaxed he really is a wonderful guy who takes on board what you want and gives advice if he thinks he can help get the best outcome thank you again Matt for these wonderful pics"

Kanna Taniguchi (Took The Original Dundee Photoshoot Tour)
Best photoshoot experience ever !!
"He was an extremely professional photographer! He took me to many beautiful places in Dundee, and gave precise instructions on how to strike a pose. Soon after the photoshoot, he sent me a link to access photos, and I am AMAZED by how well they are captured! I am genuinely satisfied with this photoshoot tour:) Highly recommended to anyone who wants brilliant pictures with a fancy view of Dundee!"

Era Dubey (Model)
"Amazing photographer to work with. Polite & generous. I loved our city tour which was in Dundee. Not to mention, he sent me pics the same night we had shoot"
Fleurs du Mal (Model, Boudoir and Glamour shoot for EXQUISITE by Matt Hooper Photography, 2024 edition)
"I think we were a great team and I felt immediately relaxed and comfortable working with you! And I'd say I believe you can see that yourself as well in the images, as they appear very spontaneous in the poses and you captured them really well from so many different angles. Must say you were very well prepared in terms of planning and vision for the day."

Sophie Marie (Model, Boudoir and Glamour shoot)
"I had the pleasure of working with Matt recently on a photoshoot in a cottage in Wiltshire, Matt has a very creative and clear vision about what he likes to achieve on a shoot. Seeing as it was his first boudoir shoot he really knew what he was doing. I was sent an extensive shoot plan so I could pack the right lingerie and looks so all was prepared. Matt was very respectful and friendly throughout the shoot and we got some great shots,
Jasmine High (Model, Boudoir shoot)
"Matt messaged me to do last minute photoshoot at my Penthouse location in London. I’m SO glad he did! This was a last minute shoot, but Matt already did know what he wanted to achieve. We worked through a mixture of portraiture, fashion, lingerie, in different settings around my home. Such a fun shoot, great conversation throughout, I felt so at ease working with him. I cannot recommend him enough and really do hope our paths cross again soon."
Connor Elder (Model for James Bond Themed shoot for EXQUISITE by Matt Hooper Photography, 2023 edition)
"I worked with Matt this past Saturday creating a James Bond themed shoot, Matt gave great direction from the get go and communication was brilliant. We worked together to create some amazing shots and the day flowed very naturally. 
Matt has very detailed storyboards to follow and really tells a story with his desired shots. 
I could not recommend working with Matt anymore, it was an absolute pleasure."

Lizzy Holden (Model for The Original St Andrews Photoshoot Tour promotional shoot)
"I did the tour with Matt, visited lade braes for the first time! He’ll show you around the secret gems of St Andrews as well as the top tourist sites, while capturing it all on camera! Highly recommend booking"
Barb Tallant (Took The Original St Andrews Photoshoot Tour)
"This was an informal tour with a local photographer. Matt is extremely knowledgeable about St Andrews, it’s history and culture. He is a former caddie and hospitality worker with the courses of St Andrews. It was casual and as we Americans say, “laid back”. We were able to ask for photos to be taken with various historical and prominent structures/places as our background. Thank you Matt for the pleasure of meeting you and for your time! It was well worth the fee"

James Tallant (Took The Original St Andrews Photoshoot Tour)
"This was an informal tour with a local photographer. Matt was knowledgeable about the history of St Andrews. We were able to choose where to go and what photos we would like. It was great to just have the 2 of us and be able to ask the questions we had. 
Thank you Matt!!"

Grade A
Dundee and Angus College, 2022

Dundee and Angus College


St Andrews Citizen
Fife Herald
 Lensational Magazine - Boudoir & Nude
The MAC Magazines - Boudoir Edition
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I run SHANK Media, a Fife-based golf and sports platform
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